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Thread: Advanced Sound Library v1.0

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    NDS Advanced Sound Library v1.0

    News/release from Noda:

    I talked for a while on the Shan, is finally here! For now reserved for coders libnds / uLib / no lib (but ThomasS has already done work with the PALib ...) and those who are still under DKP r20, it brings with great ease the possibility of playing mp3 almost "free" and sounds with a priority system and effects, all with the possibility of sounds surround (pseudo)

    Having the good fortune to have been able to accomplish in my tutorials image a project on NDS (cf Marble, topic to come ...), I took advantage of going to encode this small lib her well practical ...

    Without further ado, features

    * MP3 engine:
    - mp3 is decoded on the arm7, so use nearly no CPU time on the arm9
    - stereo & surround modes available (surround works even for mono mp3s)
    - up to 44Khz/stereo/96Kbps, though I recommend using 32Khz/stereo/80Kbps max, which is enough for the DS and works great with up to +25%/-100% pitching
    - support real-time pitching (changing the playing speed of the mp3)
    - support real-time volume and panning change
    - the mp3 can be paused and restarted
    - the mp3 can be set to loop automatically
    - support playing from RAM and streaming from FAT or EFS
    - you can disable the mp3 engine if you want, to get 2 more channels

    * Audio engine:
    - can use the whole 16 DS channel or only the first half (so you can use an external mod player, for example)
    - support standard or surround/fx mode (16 channels in standard mode (-2 if mp3), 8 in surround/fx mode (-1 if mp3))
    - simple sound playing using a priority system: if no channel is available, stop a sound that has less priority than the new one to play it, or skip it if all sounds have more priority.
    - possibility to reserve a particular channel so it won't be used in the channel pool by the priority playing system. You can then manage the reserved sound channels manually.
    - surround or pseudo-reverb can be activated per sound (works great with mono sounds)
    - support real-time volume, panning and pitch modifications for each sound
    - support sound looping

    Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    really neat program! still trying to understand some things though. can I load my own mp3s? If I load one that has been properly cut, should it loop without problems? is/was this designed at all for performance? Props to the developer(s). I'd be happy to keep testing any release or other programs you have especially if their for audio manipulation!

    thanks again!

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