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Thread: SD Media Launcher Update Disc Coming Soon

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    Rev SD Media Launcher Update Disc Coming Soon

    Well it seems some fantastic news has just been found out for all Wii Owners, it seems that Datel are to release a new version of their SD Media Launcher with support for the Latest Wii Firmware which means that All GameCube Homebrew Will again work perfectly on the Nintendo Wii.

    A great day for Emulation and Homebrew fans for the Nintendo Wii:

    Heres what Grimm posted

    From Daniel Leese, concerning the SDML

    Dear Sir

    Further to your email I have been informed today that we should be expecting the completed discs either today or within the next few days I can only apologize for the delay but I will arrange for a replacement disc to be sent to your self once they are available.


    Daniel Leese
    Technical Support

    I advise everyone who purchased one of these discs to write [email protected]


    Buy UK SD Media Launcher/US SD Media Launcher

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    Cool! So, are the new ones shipping with this new disc? If so, I'm going to pick one up! Does it have good compatibility with homebrew?

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    I wonder how long it will be before Nintendo release a fw fix to stop this version from working?

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    any idea when and where this new disk can be purchased? The divineo shop article looks like before with no information that this i an updated version. I also wrote an e-mail to them but with no response

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    Smile The Disc Is Now Available!!

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    Anyone with an SD media launcher can now get it replaced! i just received an email today asking me to:


    Can you confirm the products point/date of purchase ?

    Can you confirm that you still own the product ?

    Can you confirm your delivery address ?

    Can you confirm from the underside of the provided disc towards the centre within the darkened area an eight digit number?.


    So, just do this and you can have the replacement disc!!


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