The Xbox Games Store has another round of Ultimate sales going, and going by recent editions you may find your wallets and purses aren't safe. As per those previous sales, there are a bunch of games that'll stay discounted throughout the week - we'll get onto them in a mo - and there'll also be one-day-only sales going on from day to day.

Highlights from the first one-day-only batch include Halo: Reach, down 75 percent to $7.49/6.29/7.49 euros, or if you prefer things stealthier and with less Chief, Dishonored is going for two thirds off at $9.89/8.29/9.89 euros. On the Arcade side, auto-runner Rhythm 2: Future Legend of Rhythm Alien is an 87 percent-off steal at $1.94/1.29/1.87 euros.

Moving on to the games that are on sale throughout the week ending February 25, there are plenty of big name titles on offer including Portal 2, Mass Effect,Driver: San Francisco, Arkham City, Fable 3, Rock Band Blitz, and Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Today, however, our eyes are inevitably drawn to the madcap rollercoaster of rage that is Capcom's Asura's Wrath. If you've not yet experienced its brand of quick-time insanity and gradually growing ire, you can remedy that with an 81 percent discount that slams it down to just $7.59/5.69/7.59 euros.

Head over to Major Nelson's blog for the full list of games on sale.