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Ghostbusters on Wii is its own beast compared to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

According to first details appearing from nGamer, the Wii version essentially turns your Wii Remote into a proton pack, meaning a) an extra dimension to the gameplay and b) you'll be waving it around to snare ghosts with beams and, more importantly for destruction addicts, smash up scenery.

"Move with the analogue stick, aim with the Wii pointer, then press Z and - bssszzhhmm! - 500,000Mhz of particle accelerator beam arcs across the room, frazzling ghosts and furniture.

"When the beam turns blue, you can slam a trapped Slimer against the walls, Eledees-style. And, yep, you do push the Nunchuk forward to slide a Ghost Trap under a spook before guiding him in with the Remote, 'tugging' him toward you a stubborn fish", NGamer says.

It also, first screenshots reveal, boasts a different art style to its PS3 and Xbox 360 cousins, Ghostbusters on Wii featuring a far more cartoon-ish look.

On top of the single-player game, Ghostbusters multiplayer on Wii also plays to the console's strengths.

"For one thing: four-player co-op - a full split-screen team of you and your mates, ghost-bustin' through the solo missions. And, for another thing: four-player competitive - solo missions again, but turned into an Eledees-style beam-criss-crossing battle to be first to the ghosts."

AND Ghostbusters on Wii features a ton of mini-games, including a 30-second battle to bag 100 ghosts - which is apparently a bit like Hungry Hippos.