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Thread: Marble Demo Released

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    NDS Marble Demo Released

    Noda has posted a new release of his Game for the DS

    The basic idea is to have a ball, we moved in a kind of maze, to accomplish a goal in a limited time (not very original in principle, but I found it in the middle of an annoying ... at the beginning I thought of a Falldown 3D)

    The project is to pay for December 20, and in this case it is almost finished, but to say that as it is more a technical demo a game (for the moment .. .)

    So I do a lot mumuse, here at the moment which is managed:

    - Physics engine for the ball, which manages the moment a space in 2.5 D (collisions 3D will come later)
    - 3D dual screen, with the choice mode continuity (1 single large screen) or 2 different views
    - Skybox for the global environment
    - Simulating light spot
    - Projected shadows and cut through the stencil buffer
    - Porting gluSphere ()
    - Motion blur on the ball
    - Display 2D over the scene (always using the hard 3D)
    - MP3 music and sounds managed by the SA lib (made in passing)
    - Bonuses and special pieces (I leave you surprised by the effect of "mushroom")
    - 1 level alone for the moment (though the system of links and data structures are ready) ...

    The scene of screen 2 is run by approximately 35% of cpu, knowing that there is still room for optimization, so I add a few what belongings ...

    Otherwise where it becomes interesting is that I will continue this project for a course of the 2nd session called "project" Sympa, the courts in Canada

    So what will be a priori added:

    - Level editor!
    Environment-map on the ball, I also tried to manage spécularité with a kind of décal (spécularité hard being limited and very ugly, it's gouraud and not phong ...)
    - And various elements vary for contriuber to wealth levels (and make the game a minimum interesting ...)
    - Passage of the physics engine in 3D real
    - Bump mapping? Ca me try Well, faudrai I captures Payk to find out how he managed ca ...
    - New items (see below)

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Good stuff looks like a solid engine no probs with it at all that I can see with my R4DS on DSLite, didnt need to DLDI it, assuming the R4 did that for me.

    Not to sure about the control method, id prob prefer something more 'super monkey ball' 'esque.

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    Intergrating this with the motion sensor thing for DS would be really neat ^.^

    But it's looking cool so far, a level editor would make this amaaazing. Keep up the good work

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