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Thread: Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.8a Release

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    NDS Win2DS *Unofficial* v0.8a Release

    News/release from MonkeyZ:

    Here's an early christmas present, will be releasing the code once I've made a few more changes and cleaned it up a bit.

    This is an unofficial build of the Win2DS client and server, both the client and server have been updated
    with new code to enhance the speed and quality of the service.


    Win2DS 0.8a

    client - allow touch with the pen in zoom screen to click mouse
    client - holding L and using ABXY will now use cursor keys
    server - all the different mouse pointers (caret, resize, etc) now display correctly on the DS

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    nice! but you can't play fps using this. you can aim perfectly fine. but every time you use custom control's on it it only pres up or down once. so it don't detect if your holding down the button. hope ypu understand what i mean. would be super if you fixed that. the ultimate fps controls acctually

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    Would be nice if the zoomed version followed the mouse cursor. Also would be nice if the zoomed version was on the bottom screen instead of the top one so you can actually see what you are doing.
    Oh never mind I found how to swap screens but it would be nice if the bottom screen moved around when the stylus is at the edge of the screen, like in RTS games. Also I guess it would be great if it was faster but that's a bit of a challenge with the limited hardware specs. Great app overall! Great for showing people the cool things you can do with your DS.
    Oh one more suggestion: If you could show a box on the zoomed out screen of where the zoomed in screen is, that would be nice too.
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    Pretty nice release!

    All the other releases didn't work on my DS Lite. A firend had the same problem, but the 0.4 worked for him.

    So this ist pretty nice ^^ Thanks

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    Cool thanks I've been searching for this thing forever but I haven't been able to use the app do you need a supercard for this?

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    Wait.... you mean this allows PC applications such as .exe files to work on the DS? oO

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    No. This allows the DS to control applications running on Windows machines, via a custom server. It's a bit like a VNC tunnel, but not quite that developed yet.

    It's still really nice though. I haven't used it all that much, but it's nice to know these things are out there.

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