Long-revered shoot-em-up Ikaruga is available now on Windows PC for the first time, after Treasure brought it to Steam this week. The newly tweaked PC version is based on the 2008 Xbox Live Arcade port, so Xbox 360 controller support and screen rotating between vertical and horizontal play are included. The fee for entry to Treasure's bullet hell is $10 in North America, and 7/9 euros across the ocean.

The arcade classic, which debuted back in 2001, is centered around its polarity-shifting mechanic. Players use light and dark weapons to take down ships of the opposite color, but they can also absorb same-colored bullets to power homing lasers. Ikaruga is also famed for its difficulty, and as if to drive that home, the Steam version features a new Double Play mode that tasks you with beating the two-player game with just one controller.