The Game Developers Conference has released the results of its second annual State of the Industry survey, highlighting trends toward self-publishing and PlayStation 4 platform development.

More than 2,600 developers responded to the survey following last year's GDC event, with twenty percent noting an intent to ship their next project for the PlayStation 4. Seventeen percent of surveyed developers foresee an Xbox One release for their next game, while four percent target the Wii U.

Smartphones and PC platforms continue to dominate developer focus, however. According to the GDC's survey, 51 percent of respondents want to make their next game for tablets and smartphones, while 52 percent will tackle PC and Mac platforms.

This year's survey also revealed a rise in self-publishing and self-funding among developers. 64 percent of surveyed developers reported that they are not partnering with a publisher on their current project, while 52 percent revealed that existing company funds provided financial backing. More developers have turned to Kickstarter since last year's survey, as 11 percent of respondents are crowdfunding their current projects, compared to last year's 4 percent.