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Thread: My VMU overclocking mod with switches. Need Help.

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    Default My VMU overclocking mod with switches. Need Help.

    Hello there.

    I am overclocking my Dreamcast by the normal 20% with an added switch so that I can change between overclocked and normal. As you might know, i need to do the same percentage increase to the VMU. But, I would like to have the option to switch between overclocked and normal for the VMU.

    I have come up with a design which i think will work.

    The top right switch is there becuase as the new oscillator only has 2 connections and not 3 to the chip. So the 3rd connection on the top right switch is taken off so that the original (middle pin) oscillator can either be ON or OFF.

    My question..

    Where can i get electronic components on the internet (recomended site?) (I need it for Oscillators, wire and switches.)

    And do you get switches that does 3 connections at once? as switch 3 switchs just to change state is a bit much.


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    sounds like a cool project, I know a little about this stuff my self, and I've done a little schematics aswell. As for locating the components, I'd suggest going to a a radio shack if your in the states or canada, they carry tones of switches and wire there. AS for the oscilators, not sure about that. Let me know how you get on with this project.

    I'd also suggest posting this over at, you might get some better response overthere, seeing how its a dedicated DC only site.

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    UPDATE: I posted the same post at before i did this one, though i have only just found out.

    a member called Katana suggested that i should get a single DPDT (double pole, double throw) switch. This will be like 2 switches with only one switch.. if you know what i mean.

    And as for the TOP RIGHT switch on my diagram, they said that it wouldn't matter if the middle pin on the old oscillator was just connected to the PCB. This means that the diagram is successfully completed. Shown below.

    I have found a switch which i want online. Now i need to find which Oscillator I need.

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    I made this topic in another forum, and is now resolved. Please take a look for more information about the overclocking of the VMU.

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