15 per cent more people read the Internet on their mobile compared to 17 per cent decline on desktop.
39 per cent of people across the globe access the internet on their mobile device every single hour, finds a study from BBC World News.
Amongst the increase in mobile web surfers, those who prefer to read the new on their mobile has risen by 15 per cent, compared to a 17 per cent decline on desktop computers.
6,000 respondents from Austalia, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Sweden and the US revealed that 51 per cent of affluent consumers use their mobile for business compared to 40 per cent of the general population.
These consumers are also 18 per cent more likely to share their location to get relevant services than the general population.
The wealthier users access news apps the most on their mobile - whilst social networks are favoured by the general population.
A survey taken in 2012 found that mobile news consumers only scanned news headliners on their device, where as now they are 42 per cent more likely to delve deeper into a story.