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Thread: Two new Virtual Consoles coming to Wii?

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    Rev Two new Virtual Consoles coming to Wii?

    via Computer and Video Games

    Nintendo Japan has updated its Virtual Console website page, sparking speculation that the platform holder will imminently expand its offering of classic titles from systems of old.

    As reported by Kotaku, the redesigned site now displays eight console boxes despite the fact that there are only six systems currently supported on the Wii's Virtual Console, which enables Wii owners to download classic titles from older systems such as its NES and SNES consoles.

    Kotaku goes on to speculate that Master System games could be next to be added to the Virtual Console.

    At the end of November Nintendo's Shinji Hatano revealed that the company had made $33 million (3.5 billion yen) from 7.8 million Virtual Console downloads. "We're currently unsure if [the 3.5 billion yen figure] is a lot or low. They're not bad figures," he added.

    While Virtual Console revenues only made up a fraction of Kyoto-based Nintendo's first half sales, which totaled 694 billion yen, $33 million isn't to be sneered at.

    Although it's only a possibility at the moment, it seems only natural that the firm would be planning to expand its Virtual Console service. It's probably only a matter of when, and whether this redesign indicates that the move to do so could be made sooner rather than later.

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    Master System should be added, seriously. This system has a lot of classics. I really would like to see Phatasy Star on the Virtual Console

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