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Thread: Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity movie and pics

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    Rev Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity movie and pics

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    Coming early next year for Wii and PS2, which says a lot about the audience Sega is targeting with this one, is Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

    The PR blurb boasts "never-before seen worlds with edge-of-your-seat racing intensity and all-new gravity controlling moves".

    We not so sure about "edge-of-your-seat racing" but we do like surprises. Take a look at the 'Wii' movie and below you'll find shots of the PS2 version.

    Screenshots for Playstation 2 here
    Trailer for the Wii console here

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    Not a bad game. I'm shcked to see this game coming to PS2, I didn't expect it

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