News/release from Rico:

Chrono Poker DS is my first "useful" homebrew !.

It's a "in real life" poker players helper :

After editing a "blinds" structure for your game, launch the countdown.
It will ring 30 seconds before the blinds increase, and once again when the timer reaches its end !

"Just play poker, Chrono Poker DS makes the rest !"

Download link
french version, but an english one will soon be available !

Comments :
Firstly, sorry for my horrible english !

Then, I really need your help to improve this homebrew. So, if you like it, please mail me in order to report any bug, or to give me advices / lines of improvement ! Don't hesitate !!

Here's my ToDo list :

- Adding an english version,

- Adding a clock on an upper-screen corner,

- Adding a load/save menu in order to give a 3 structures saving capacity,

- Waiting for your reports to make this homebrew better !!!

Download Here and Give Feedback Via Comments