News/release from bruteostrich

Ok, here is our first DS game, Paper Tank DS!

I lead a team of 5, and we decided to do a ds game for our midterm project, so we threw this together in 7 weeks. Luckily we stumbled upon palib in week 2, so that made things easier.

The game is a video version of the game where you fold a piece of paper in half and each person marks five tanks on each side. You then take turns marking a spot on your side, then folding the paper to see if it hit one of your opponent's tanks.

In the game, after moving your tanks to their starting positions, you pick a shot, then either press up to take the shot, or fold the ds to take the shot, simulating a paper fold. Right now we only have 1 person play vs AI, so the ai side is hidden and revealed with each shot.

Right now we are in beta, so if you find problems, including issues with confusing interface, please let me know so our release can be pretty bug free. We have a bunch of testers, so we should be able to find most problems.

We are aware that after 127 shots we start to get memory errors, and that the end game messages can be confusing.

Ok, time for me to shut up. If you would like source, email me,

Download Here and Give feedback Via Comments