News/release from zeblackos:

Cuckoo ...
Just a quick screen to a game that should not delay débouler, if I find the motivation to finish.
It is a kind of game for the mutants who like puzzles ...
I did this little thing for me to try to C after "crossing the desert".
The game: a sort of puzzle with 12 pieces.

The forms will be to restore the image of the forms used to arrange the puzzle.
- 12 large forms to find the 12 pieces of the puzzle.

3 modes of play:
1-easy: 9 pieces (no more) needed for the resolutions are well oriented. The player can not turn them nor impose a symmetry, it has just the 'place'.
2-medium: 9 parts (not more) necessary for the resolution submitted this time misdirected (and rotational symmetry). The player must turn etc.
3-hard: same as medium, but the pre-game does not 9 parts, it presents 12, and this is really for maxi-mutants!.

Because I know that the original name of the game leaves you speechless, well, I file my hide!

Ps: promised, the next game will be 'really' a game

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