After a lot of laborious work, the first Game Boy Color release of Detective Conan is available in English! This is my first full hack after a few aborted attempts at other games. The game itself is all about text rather than skill, so it took a long time - the hardest part was the translating, as my Japanese isnít all that great and it takes me a while to get the translation right.
The GBC is an ideal system to do, because while itís still relatively primitive, it also has huge carts, way bigger than strictly necessary. So nothing in this game was compressed, making my job a whole lot easier.
Itís not the most challenging game out there, but the story is entertaining, especially if youíre familiar with Detective Conan. The quality of dialogue will make or break this translation, so efforts were made to get it sounding as natural and interesting as possible.
Enjoy! And hopefully the second game will come eventually, too!