Surreal64 CE B5.6 rev 235 is released. Surreal64 is a Nintendo64 emulator for Xbox. Surreal64 CE is a continuation of the Surreal64 project where Team XXX left off. Originally developed by oDD and Lantus, Surreal64 included ports of three Win32 based Nintendo64 emulators including 1964, Project64 and UltraHLE. Our goal is to improve Nintendo64 emulation on the XBOX.

Surreal64 CE B5.52u Changelog:

heres a quick run down of some of the things weinerschnitzel added/changed taken from the svn commits

Changed, 1964video (Rice 6.12): Added some better fog and lod functionality from 1964video, and made some changes to the ini for Conker's BFD, Banjo Tooie, and Mario Kart.

Changed: Reverted Pixel Shader Combiner to PC version. Conker's BFD runs at better speed now.

Added option to change between linear/ranged fog ingame 'seems to be a bug preventing you switching in the main rom config section its perma stuck on ranged for me??? not sure if its a bug or just uncoded yet in the main launcher menu'

added 'rudimentry' gamehacks feature 'for things like subscreen delay fix in zelda' right now there hardcoded and execute automaticly i figure a front end option for cheating might be added later 'slips weinerschnitzel some money....hint hint :lol: ' looking in the gamehacks source code theres a few hacks in there that should make pokemon snap playable 'controler fix plus pass 1st level code' and a top gear overdrive/hyper bike game playable fix

plus many other things like optimizations and work on mupen64