News/release from sebskater29

It is a shooter who takes the graphics of gundams
(Sprites were found on the net).
The goal of the game ... It is to shoot everything that moves (it is an arcade, need not ask for more).

How to play:
We move the gundam (The flagship of the player) to the pad.
For the moment:
B: shooting a projectile
Y: shooting 2 projectiles
X: shooting 3 projectiles

Other information:
The game takes place in space gundam be deported after having released the pad (this to increase the difficulty of the game: the positioning ends at the pixel level that can be seen in the plupars of the arcade).
There are 2 types of enemy:
Green enemy armor:
Those here goes to the player and shoot projectiles towards the bottom of the screen.
Red enemy armor:
These moves from left to right of the screen and shoot projectiles in the direction of the player.

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