Deus Ex: The Fall has the gall to declare exactly when it'll infiltrate the Steam compound, and that's March 25. The enhanced PC version of the iOS and Android action-RPG will be priced $10 in North America, 8/10 euros in Europe, and pre-orders will snag a copy of Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition as an augmentation. We've reached out to Square Enix to see if there'll be Mac and Linux versions of the port in addition to Windows PC.

In addition to usual Steam doodads like trading cards and achievements, Square Enix says the PC version of The Fall includes AI adjustments, a revised tutorial, controller support, and a Deus Ex: Human Revolution-like toggling between cover styles. One element that's missing from the mobile version is microtransactions, with game economy rebalanced to accommodate. You can find a fuller list of the tweaks and additions here.

Square Enix brought The Fall to iOS and Android last year, and while it's set in the same gold-hued world of Human Revolution, it follows the events of the game's prequel novel, The Icarus Effect, and stars Ben Saxon rather than DX:HRprotagonist Adam Jensen.

While we never asked for this, it'll be interesting to see how n-Fusion's mobile reworking of Eidos Montreal's formula translates back onto PC. In our Portabliss column, Xav de Matos said that although the game is enjoyable, with it "populated world, unenthusiastic story, and drastic dips in quality, Deus Ex: The Fall lacks the same passion that made Human Revolution one of 2011's best video games."