Xart has posted an update to his Homebrew Organizer & Launcher aka Choice, heres the release details he posted:


XMB Wallpaper used or from Memory Stick
Organize homebrew
Star rate your homebrew
Sort by A-z, Z-a or Star Rating
Homebrew cached, after first launch of Choice][ homebrew list is loaded from cache file

Choice][ is for 3.71 Kernal.

Choice v2.1 will auto update star rating to use the new univesal star rating format, this is to let users deside if they whant a star rating of 10, 5, 4, 3 etc or not star rating but somethink else
And it will get that random auto selection that was asked for

plan on detecting cross being pressed down when choice is launched to auto select a homebrew, to make it quick in selecting a homebrew for you, if not pressed will have a option on choice itself as well.

eLoader support included.

Download Links

Choice v2.0.1.1
Includes v2.0.1 Patch + Homebrew Cache Sig

Choice v2.0
Patch for Choice v2.0 Corrects a bug in list flowing beyond limit "this brings choice to v2.0.1"

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via xart