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Thread: JNKPlat 0.2

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    NDS JNKPlat 0.2

    News/release from Jayenkai

    The Story
    Platdude found himself having to traverse some levels. Within each level were a set of Xmas trees, and he found that if he turned all of the Xmas tree lights on, he could get out the door. It's a rubbish story, but hey, what d'you expect!?

    The Controls
    DPad to move, A and Y to jump, B to grab. Just like last year.

    The Levels
    There are 9 Xmas themed levels to play through.
    Tap B on the title screen to play last year's 12 levels.

    The Download
    JNKPlat 0.2

    The More
    Having attempted 3 or 4 "Bigger/Bolder/Better" JNKPlat versions, I inevitably came to the conclusion that the old one was good enough. Now that I've figured that out, I might as well keep building on it, and see where we get.
    Expect to see more JNKPlat levels in the future.

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    Amazing speed!

    Not only did you find+post the release within an hour, but Google also picked up your post, too!


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