News/release from Spuzkaizer

This was my first attempt at making something with PAlib, and I decided to try and bring one of my favorite doujin soft shooter franchises to the DS.

I probably won't continue this, seeing as how I reached my goals;
-learned a little PAlib
-made something that resembles touhou

The game itself is really simple; (DS is held like a book)
You use the stylus to move your character (Reimu Hakurei) around, pressing the up button on the d-pad (right button) to shoot at the boss. The rest of your time is spent dodging bullets

However, it's not done (insert gasp!) as it's missing several key elements that define a game;
-start screen
-game over conditions
-winning conditions
-"proper" shooting (Take a gander at the source, line 451-464 in visualham)

More or less, it's something that let's me waste some time on my DS, fiddling about, listening to music.
I'm not likely to finish this, so I'll post the source code (AKA If anyone can figure out a way to shoot bullets that is better than the one I'm currently using, please let me know)

So yeah, download it, give it a go, and let me know
(Had to put it on mediafire, since music gives it a filesize of 2.4 mb)

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