Jeff has released a new version of his Rogue clone for the Nintendo DS and GBA, heres whats new:

**The user-visible changes should be small in this release. An overhaul of the messaging system will hopefully avoid the sprintf-corruption on the GBA version. Unfortunately, it likely also includes fresh typos.

* Dequipping a non-equipped item no longer dequips the corresponding equipped itemslot.
* Option menu has an option to disable the Action Bar to placate the churlish users out there.
* If a creature misses themselves, it is no longer "Herself misses Wazerli the imp." (Clare Boothby)
* A massive refactoring of the message system has occured. In particular, I have abolished all of my stack buffers and the rotating ring of dynamic buffers in favour of dynamic memory allocation. This means I don't have to worry about buffer overruns any more, and hopefully likewise won't have stack overruns on the GBA anymore. No doubt in this process I've created more typos, however. Please report any weird text swiftly.
* If you change dungeon levels while possessing a creature (like a Wizard's Eye) and release control on the other dungeon level, you will now properly return to your previous dungeon level. (Mark Ehlke)
* To aggressive refactoring made swords and clubs burn up in fire rather than just state-change. (Richard Quirk)
* One new room type.

Leech the right version:

Gameboy Advance [382k].
Nintendo DS [735k].

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