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Thread: [Release] Heartlight PSP X-Mas Preview

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    Default [Release] Heartlight PSP X-Mas Preview

    Merry X-Mas Everyone! I release here an X-Mas Preview Version containing 20 Levels of Heartlight PSP, my current project.

    I. Release information
    Written in C using SDL, Heartlight PSP is a clone/remake of the classic Epic Megagames' Heartlight, developed by Chaos/xLand Games originally released in 1994, since 2006 under a Creative Commons license. Get the original at

    II. Installation
    For Firmware 1.50 Users: Copy the content FW150/MSROOT folder to your PSP
    For Firmware 3.xx and 1.00 Users: Copy the content FW3xx/MSROOT folder to your PSP

    III. Features

    - 19 Levels from the Original + 1 Extra Level (70 Levels in the Full Version!)
    - Level Editor (only in the Full Version)
    - Level Recorder (records a successful attempt solving a level)
    - Record Playback
    - more things to come in the Full Version

    IV. Playing the game
    Goal: Get Percival the dwarf collect all hearts in each level and reach the open door. Sounds easy? Well, let 20 X-Mas Levels teach you the opposite.

    Use the D-Pad to control the dwarf. Press Circle to commit suicide and restart the current level. Press L/R Shoulderbuttons to browse through the Levels.
    Press Square to watch a replay of a previously solved Level. Press Triangle to get back to the Main Menu.

    Mind the following informations you get in the game:

    V. Screenshots

    Download click here!


    -- MK2k

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    looks interesting...

    thanks man, more homebrew is needed on the psp, doesnt seem like much is released anymore

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