Our review of Pokemon X and Y spent a lot of time gushing over the introduction of 3D to the series, but now fans have taken things one step further by dragging the pixelated world of Pokemon Gold and Silver into the stereoscopic reality of the Oculus Rift headset.

The footage you see above was created by a YouTube user calling himself "Vaecon," who you may recall from his work in bringingThe Legend of Zelda to the Oculus Rift. For his latest project, Vaecon modified the ongoing Pokemon 3Dfan project to support the virtual reality headset. Some things don't quite work - text doesn't display properly and certain details are hard to make out - and it's apparent that the game was built for a more traditional display, but despite its flaws, the end result is a three-dimensional visit to the Johto Region.

While replicating this experience for yourself at home will require you to own an Oculus Rift headset, Pokemon 3D is a free download. It's not supported by Nintendo and could be struck down by a cease and desist order from the publisher at any time, but until then, the project's creators continue their efforts to add every known Pokemon and region to the 3D remake.