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Thread: PsgMod v0.3

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    NDS PsgMod v0.3

    News/release from Ekid:

    I saw the "Using the PSG to create music" thread in the other forum so I thought "Hey, why don't I make a PSG mod player" :P
    So I spent the last couple days whipping up this little mod player to support PSG/noise channels, then I got carried away and added everything else a mod player needs.....

    Anyway, it includes a special template.mod that has samples of the PSG and white noise (mapped to samples 23->31) so composers out there can easily make some psg tunes for ds :P (easy except for crappy .mod format).

    More information is in the readme. Tell me if you find any broken .mods

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    nice one

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