News/release from Abcd1234:

Welcome to the home page for my port of NetHack to the Nintendo DS. The goal of this project is to create a port of NetHack for the DS utilizing the unique features of the DS to create an easy-to-use NetHacking experience. I think I've succeeded in that goal. I'm probably wrong.

An unscaled, scrolling map view on the lower screen, which can be interacted with using the touchscreen.
Minimap, message, and status information rendered to the top screen.
Support for 16- and 256-color BMP tilesets, including non-rectangular tiles (tiles must have dimensions which are a multiple of 8, e.g. 8x8, 8x16, etc).
Support for text mode, with optional full color and IBM graphics.
Popup command window for easy access to the full command set.
On-screen keyboard for text input and extended commands.
Keys are almost completely configurable.
Support for both left- and right-handed modes.
Save and restore.
Sleep mode.

Oh yeah, it's true! 1.12c is out, now! This fixes a more minor drawing bug in text mode in the case where tiles need to be erased (dark rooms, etc), which would result in dark gray, rather than black, tiles being left behind.

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