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Thread: [HOW TO]Emulate SNES,GBC,SMS and more on your iPhone/iPod Touch

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    ipod [HOW TO]Emulate SNES,GBC,SMS and more on your iPhone/iPod Touch

    Here's a nifty trick for the people who don't know about GBA emulators, on how to emulate SNES,GBC,GB,Arcade,Atari,Chip 8,Colecovision,Game Gear, MSX, Sega Master System on your iPhone/iPod touch.

    All you need is:
    -Jailbroken iPhone/iPod Touch.
    -WiFi connection for SSH.
    -gPSPhone latest version.

    The trick is: using emulators for GBA, you can use them on gPSPhone, not all of them work yet though. I only tried GB/GBC and SNES.

    What you do is:
    1.Convert a ROM you like using any of the emulators located here. Emulators 4 GBA.
    2.Copy the .gba file after you convert it to /Media/ROMs/GBA.
    3.Fire them up using gPSPhone and you're done!

    I'd recommend SNESAdvance for SNES and Goomba or Pocket GB for GB. Have fun!

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    How exactly do you convert using goomba?

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