Man, how long has it been since you've thought about Cel Damage? Released as a launch title for the original Xbox in 2001, Cel Damage didn't quite rank in the same league as Halo or Project Gotham, and likely resides in the hazy regions of your brain devoted to remembering games like Mad Dash Racingand Fuzion Frenzy.

Toronto-based developer Finish Line Games bets that a number of players have fond memories of trading blows in the classic car-combat game in betweenHalo matches, announcing that Cel Damage HD is due for release on the PlayStation 4, PS3, and PS Vita.

Cel Damage HD brings its cartoonish brand of cel-shaded, Twisted Metal-like vehicular mayhem to Sony's current crop of consoles with 13 levels and six playable characters. Online multiplayer hasn't been confirmed, but is a likely addition. Cel Damage HD will be available as a Cross-Buy release when it hits the PlayStation Network this spring.