via vampent

We are very glad to release vNes Symbian 1.70 S60v3 (Symbian Signed) for Nokia S60 3rd phones.

Updated information from vNes Symbian 1.61 S60v3:
1. Symbian Signed.
2. Better speed.
3. More options:
Four display modes added: Landscape 1,Landscape Full 1,Landscape 2,Landscape full 2. Some other graph options and priority options added.
4. .nes files can be recognized automatically
You can send small roms directly to sms inbox and vNes will install them automatically for you.
5. New frameskip option
on arm-11 mobiles, you can switch frameskip:0 to get maximal graphics effects

Download vNes Symbian 1.70 S60v3