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Thread: Rune Factory 2

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    NDS Rune Factory 2

    Newly released today:

    The sequel to the original Rune Factory is set several years after Raguna and friends defeated the evil plans of the Sechs Empire. Things are at peace again in Norad Kingdom. In the village of Alvanna, a boy named Kyle has become old enough to travel on his own. Right before he begins his adventures, a strange premonition of doom begins to appear as a strange lady named Mana makes an appearance.

    Rune Factory 2 features a couple of changes in the system compared to the first release. Instead of having to press start to enter the inventory to change accessories and armor, there are now touchable tabs in the lower left-corner of the DS touch screen. Tapping on these tabs will open up a larger window, where the player can easily equip the items they need. There is also a gauge on the upper screen to show how much water is in your watering-can.

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    Finally, something to play for New Year. I finished the first one. I hope, they released the USA version in half of year.

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