New release for DS from chatterbug89

Well, I finally finished my entry for the Drunken Coders Christmas compo. If any of the maintainers of the contest have a problem with me posting my entry publically now, please let me know (My entry has already been submitted and I just wanted to release my game in is a Christmas game).

For the game, you use your stylus to move an elf around the screen, collect ornaments, and shoot at enemies. This game was made specifically for the Christmas compo, so it is very christmasy. :-)

As for online scoring, scores can be submited on the Nintendo DS to an online score board. You can view the online score board on your DS or in your web browser at .

For my hyped up information page (I like writing hyped up information pages :-P), you can check out (which also includes download links at the bottom).

Ramblings (you won't miss much if you don't read this)
I had a lot of fun making this and I learned a ton of new things. I suppose I could have spent two more days adding more to it, but I decided to enjoy the rest of my vacation doing nothing along with my neglected homework.

I probably spent way too much time on the online scoring system and user interface than I should have. That includes the fancy web-pages I did also. So, PLEASE use the online high score system if you play the will make me happy, because I put a nice amount of effort into it. :-P

I suppose that's it then. Enjoy the game everyone and Merry Christmas!

P.S. if anyone in charge of the drunken coders contest has any problem with my game that would dis-qualify it (such as it not working for some strange reason), PLEASE get in touch with me. :-)

EDIT: I thought I would mention that the speed of the game increases after 500 points or so (which is pretty quick), then stays at that speed for quite a while. The games uses a half static, half dynamic level advancement system. So, sometimes it may be fairly difficult, then get easier (don't assume it continuously gets harder while playing).

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