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A new version of TVersity Media Server has been released. TVersity allows you to stream pretty much any media (music/pictures and video) format to your PS3 (with on-the-fly transconding if required) from a Windows PC.
What's new/fixed:
* Transcoding
o Transcoding configuration can now be done on the file/folder/url level, in which case it wil supersede the system wide settings.
* Customizable Menus
o It is now possible to set the menus to be organized by folders only, this is in additon to the default menu organization and the custom one.
* Devices
o Turn off transcoding of AVI/DIVX (version 4 or higher) for the Sony PS3 (Divx3 is still transcoded) since firmware 2.1 can play them natively.
o AVI/Divx that do not play natively can still be manually configured to be transcoded. This for examples solves the PS3 problem with Divx files larger than 2 Gb.
* Bug Fixes
o Do not register a Windows shell context menu command for files (since it gets invoked when double clicking on file types that have no other handlers). The context menu command for folders is still kept since it has no undesirable side effects.

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