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Thread: King of Fighters Neowave - PS2

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    Default King of Fighters Neowave - PS2

    News from <a href="" target="_blank" >Lik Sang</a>

    After the NeoGeo system and King of Fighters series were inseparable for 10 years, SNK finally ushered in the new high powered Atomiswave hardware from Sammy with King of Fighters Neowave, and this week the PS2 edition was released. Based on the KOF 2002 game engine, fans of that title and the '98 release will feel right at home here. Far beyond a simple 'remake' however, various improvements and major changes have been made, such as a new "gauge system". This features 3 different gauge types, Super Cancel, Guard Break, and MAX2. MAX2 replaces the original MAX mode, which was removed here.

    Character wise, making a come back from KOF 98 and 2000, Shingo, King, Jhun and Saisyu have all returned, giving the game a roaster of over 36 fighters. Five secret characters await unlocking too, including Angel, May Lee, Seth, Rugal, and Kusanagi. The PS2 release has received many additions beyond the arcade hit, such as an extra eight remixed backgrounds, an arranged soundtrack and more. Pre-orders are already winging their way around the world, and we're accepting new orders for KOF Neowave right now.

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    About 7 years ago I got to play Metal Slug and KOF when NeoRage (emu) was first released. Since then I have been a big fan of the various series from the NeoGeo platform. But I can't see the purpose of continuing them in their present forms. Restricting a game so it runs at the standard of a 15 year old home console is not good developing practice for modern games. Computer systems have moved on a long way and the software should be made to reflect the platform it is running on.

    I recently picked up "SvC Chaos" on the Xbox and was so disappointed. Why? "Capcom Vs SNK" 1+2 are far superior. The final nail in the coffin of NeoGeo based games has to be "KOF Maximum Impact" on the PS2 it (and the Street Fighter EX series) prove that 2D is just wrong on modern computer systems.

    Now SNK Playmore listen to me, I want Metal Slug 7 to be "Metal Slug: Maximum Impact". Now that would be something to get very excited about.

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