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The UT III mod cooker - a tool to turn PC mods into PS3-compatible mods - could be released as early as next week in an update.

Rein brought the good news in a brief progress report: "We're very close to releasing an update to the Unreal Engine 3 editor, that comes with the PC version of UT3, that will allow UT3 mod-makers to cook their mods into the required PS3 format.

"We've been doing some internal testing and we're hoping to expand to a wider group tomorrow or Friday. If all goes well then we should see the update released next week which is what I expect will happen."

Rein assures fans that the cooking system is already up and running smoothly, pointing out: "we put out a few mods before Christmas and people seem to be playing them," on the official forums. Testing is underway on simply applying the update, he explains.

Then watch out for the rush of converted mods moments after the update hits.