Longstanding Battlefield 4 issues haven't damaged the brand, according to Electronic Arts chief financial officer Blake Jorgensen.
The game released in late October with a host of technical problems which numerous post-launch updates failed to eradicate. In December, Dice put all Battlefield 4 expansion pack development on hold until it could fix the errors still plaguing the game; it has since resumed DLC development, although it hasn't stopped regularly releasing new title updates to fix remaining issues.
During a speech at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media &, Telecom Conference in San Francisco this week, which was listened in on byGameSpot, EA exec Jorgensen blamed the "complexity" of the game for the issues, but said players have been "very responsive" to some of the patches released so far.
"We haven't seen any damage [to the brand from these issues]," he reportedly said. "Clearly we're very focused on protecting that brand.
"We've also tried to provide extra content to the consumers to make sure they keep coming back and playing the game and we're finding that it's working very well. I don't see that there's a damage issue. I think for us it's making sure that we're providing great gameplay for the consumer and we'll continue to do that."
Jorgensen also said the Battlefield franchise will be "critical" to EA's fiscal year 2015, which kicks off on April 1. Visceral Games is reportedly developing a police-themed instalment in the Battlefield series with a release date planned for 2014, although EA has yet to officially announce the next entry in the franchise.