Tyne`s Quake Mod is updated once more, heres whats new:[br][br] New version [br]-------------- [br][br]Patch is no longer needed as the included progs.dat is the latest version! I decided to release this version a head of time by a tad since the last version is broken on Dreamcast (sorry again folks); this release fixes it. [br][br]- Camera can be selected from Dynamic to Static in the option menu, static camera does not have camera angle changes and is a bit more classical in feel for 2D side scrollers. [br][br]*Attention* !!Use static camera on Dreamcast!!, Dynamic Camera is somehow broken on it as if it's doing a constant "timerrefresh". [br][br]- Monsters wake each other within a short distance, this encourages group combat against Vigil and makes monsters seem way less dumb since they're more aware [br][br]- New and tweaked particle effects [br][br]- Modified the radius sizes for some of Vigil's attacks [br][br]- Fixed Fireball spell [br][br]- New graphical sprite effects, more are on their way also [br][br]- New monster, Electric Squid! It's entity name is "monster_esquid" [br][br]- Changed block button from Y to Right Trigger as it's easier to use and your finger is always on it [br][br]- Twister spell is in but is currently not functioning properly, I'm simply not finished programming it in yet [br][br]- Updated map01, now contains some ambient sounds giving the level a bit more life to it [br][br]- Baron's smash attack has been fixed[br] [br][br]Download Here