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Thread: Resident Evil 5 Trailer Pulled

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    Default Resident Evil 5 Trailer Pulled

    Citing an official press document from Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2005, Capcom asked Internet publications to remove any sign of movies or stills taken from the Resident Evil 5 trailer. According to a company official, the trailer was never to be filmed in the first place and will be aired officially in the near future. No real window of time was given, however.

    Those who were lucky enough to catch the wildly popular Japanese trailer were treated to a pretty impressive vision of what the future of Resident Evil looks like. A lone soldier finds himself in a desert town, quite similar to the scenes from Somalia featured in Black Hawk Down. The wavy distortion and haze of the hot climate is a continuing theme. As he searches the city he is startled by a large flock of black birds. The trailer then cuts to a team of undead-like creatures staggering under the bright mid-day sun; soon after, the creatures shadows paint nearby walls, showing they are now running. Soon they close in on the lead character, he spins around to greet them with his sleek, modern pistol and the trailer abruptly ends with the teaser "Biohazard" (known as Resident Evil to the rest of the world.

    Be sure to check the official screenshots for scenes from the trailer, but it looks like we'll be waiting -- very impatiently, we might add -- for the official release of the trailer. We speculate this will come before or at the time of the Tokyo Game Show 2005, which takes place in mid-September. Stay tuned.

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    I was one of the lucky ones. It was an awesome video. The Zombies reminded me of those in the movie 28 days later. What a shame I didn't save it on my PC.
    Here are some screenshots:

    I found it, you can watch it here:
    RE5 Video

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