The moddable, Android-based Ouya hasn't won over all developers with strong sales from its userbase, but the open-source console still gets the occasionalexclusive release. According to Ouya's announced plans for GDC, that trend is going to continue. Six titles planned to launch exclusively on the Ouya will be present at the show, with Whispering Willows and Neverending Nightmaresjoining the selection in console-exclusive releases. This pair of games will also reach PC, Mac and Linux.

Among Ouya's GDC lineup is Glitchnap's LAZA KNITEZ!!, the multiplayer jousting competition in space that's shown in the above trailer. Toto Temple Deluxe also pits up to four players against each other, demanding an answer to the question: "Who can hold this goat the longest?" Players propel themselves into each other to knock the goat loose before sprinting away with it to boost their own score.

Reagan Gorbachev might be the oddest of the bunch, though - in the game's universe, ninjas attack a summit between the US and Russia during the Cold War, instigating an unlikely partnership between President Reagan and Soviet Union President Mikhail Gorbachev. Reagan Gorbachev's recent trailerresembles the top-down action of Hotline Miami, albeit with a bit less neon and blood geysers.

If any of the involved games interest you but you're without an Ouya, keep in mind that you'll soon be able to find Ouya games elsewhere, starting with Mad Cat's MOJO microconsole in the spring.