The PlayStation 4's free Playroom app has been updated with a new gameplay mode, allowing players to send their virtual robotic pals on a deadly trip through an augmented reality ninja training course.

Ninja Bots is a brief, autoscrolling platformer in which up to four players compete for coins while fending off enemy ronin bots. Players tilt to control lateral bot movement and flick shuriken at approaching enemies by swiping the DualShock 4's touch pad. The latest app update also introduces a new set of unlockable trophies exclusive to the Ninja Bots mode.

Note that The Playroom requires a PlayStation Camera in order to function -- potentially a tall order, as the device is now in short supply at multiple retailers. If you need some tips on corralling your virtual critters, our own Richard Mitchell showed off the Playroom's features prior to the PS4's launch last year, and only a few bots were seriously hurt in the process. They seem to enjoy music, so bust our your ukulele if you have one handy.