The PC version of Titanfall will at some stage be adding 4K resolution support to the mix.
Respawn has been working with Nvidia to add-in support for some Nvidia GameWorks features into the game.
As well as 4K display support and increased SLI compatibility, future patches will also add temporal anti-aliasing (TXAA) and horizon based ambient occlusion+ (HBAO+) support.
“Nvidia GameWorks represents our promise to gamers and developers to make the best game experience possible,” developer content and technology team boss Ashu Regesaid.
“GameWorks is a collection of technologies and tools that include visual and physical simulation software, development kits, debuggers, algorithms, engines and libraries that can already be found in top-selling games.”
Titanfall currently outputs in 792p on Xbox One. The resolution of the recently delayed Xbox 360 version is yet to be confirmed.