Blue Estate is switching the gesture controls of Leap Motion for the gyroscopic functions of the DualShock 4, after developer HeSaw revealed it's bringing the on-rails shooter to the PS4. HeSaw is showcasing the PS4 version at GDC this week, and revealed on Twitter it'ss bring the former Leap Motion exclusive to "more platforms to be announced soon."

In our review of the Leap Motion version released last year, Jess Conditt gaveBlue Estate two stars out of five. While Jess noted fans may enjoy a new way of experiencing the Image-published comic the game's based on, she said, "Blue Estate doesn't give its audience enough credit, assuming players will get a kick out of shooting enemies in the crotch, watching a strip show and making fun of how people look assuming we'll forgive poor gameplay mechanics because the game is supposed to be crass."