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Thread: Visual OCR for Nanodesktop

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    psp Visual OCR for Nanodesktop

    News from Pegasus2000:

    This announce is very, very important.

    Visilab will release the next version of Nanodesktop (0.3.3) in few hours.
    This new version will add new things, as the native support for custom
    firmwares (so, the nd applications will be able to work on any PSP, SLIM
    or FAT), the support for Sony GoCam, hundreds of bug fixes and
    improvements, and new tecnologies as ndSIFT, ndGOCR, and ndSQLLite.

    In the same time, I want to release this application for PSPE emulator
    and for PSP (FAT and SLIM) called Visual-OCR.

    Visual-OCR has been written by Andrea Badiali, the same programmer
    that has written Visual Application. It is a front-end for the popular
    GNU OCR program: it allows you to execute optical recognition on a
    simple PSP.

    You can download the package here:

    The version for PSP, uses the new HAL for custom firmware (HAL CFW).
    For this reason, you have to copy the "kernel extender" (ndKrnExtender.Prx)
    in the root folder of your memory stick before starting the new
    application. This driver is included in the zip package.

    All future nd applications for custom firmwares, will require the same kernel

    About the use of the program: choose a file (bitmap, jpg or png) in your
    memory stick, that has been obtained by your scanner. Click on the
    button "Start Scan" and the GOCR engine will start and it will print the
    text that has been recognized on the screen.

    For optimizations, see the documentation of GNU OCR.

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    just like the last news on this, i still dont know what a nanodesktop is, nor do i have anywhere to find out

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    Not that it doesn't say exactly what it does in the actual post...

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    google is cool, if i actually cared but theres no reason that I should have to go out of MY way to find out what this thing is, would it kill a dev to actually post a screenshot and maby a description ?? they just dont exist for this program

    and no it doesnt say shi+ in the actual post, it tells me theres hundereds of bug fixes to a program that apparently no one here knows anything about

    some history on opensource OCR, a download that will be dead in less than a week, some PITA instructions to get OCR working for this mystery program and some basic instructions on this one function

    still dont know what nanodesktop does, and again if its too much trouble for the dev to put something more than "fixed bugs" then im not going to spend time looking

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    Nanodesktop is a SDK (Software Development Kit).

    It allows you to create quickly your
    application for PSP: it integrates routines
    for file managers, open/show/save images
    for 10 different types, network support,
    irda support, raw-ir support, engine for
    text to speech synthesis, OpenCV
    support, database support, OCR support
    and so on.

    There are thousands of functions available
    for the developers: with few rows of code,
    it is possible to create very complex
    windows applications for PSP.

    The system is designed for portability, so
    it is possible to change platform simply
    through a simple recompilation.

    This is the official site for nd:

    I am updating the site with new version,
    so, try some hour later.

    This is the wikipedia page:

    And this is the official forum:

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