Alright, trophies and achievements they are an unavoidable part of most modern gaming, but what do they mean? What is their value to you and others?

I mean sure, with those achievements or trophies you have physical proof that you took down bioshock in 1999 mode and others can see that proof.

Still the question remains, are others even looking at your trophies or achievements? On the grander scale, do people even care that you beat drakes fortune on hard? Or that you survived the worst rapture had to offer without using a vitachamber?

My question is one of value, what does it mean to the average gamer that that player you ran into in call of duty ghosts has a gamerscore of 98.000 or a psn lvl of 55? does that still impress and wow people ?

Yet if a console game where to hit in modern times that did not support trophies or achievements would that effect your interest in that title ? I think a lot of gamers would find a game like that lacking. So what does it all mean ? stallion83 just broke one million gamerscore points. For this achievement he was awarded a white xbox one and a solid gold keepsake card with lifetime membership to xbox live gold. Well thats groovie for him. Now hes a celebrity because he has so much spare time on his hands.

But are trophies and gamerscores a darker beast a tool that allows developers to determine player interest even track player progress ? okay that doesnt sound that dark, in fact its not a bad idea. I cant help but feel trophies and achievements have a darker agenda. Is it possible ,no, likely, that trophies and gamerscores are a more base thing entirely? Like meta marketing?
Your friend pops online plays a game earns a few achivments or trophies and even more so this generation then the last you are faced with micro adds for said game, ( shadowprophets just earned 5 trophies from spanking it in the corner with the lights off part 2. )

This social driven gaming idealism is being forced on us anyway . How often in the past have you been playing a game and thought, gee this game is so awesome, the only way it Could be better would be if i could manage my facebook right the **** now..