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Thread: PSP Quake 1 ver. 1.1

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    psp PSP Quake 1 ver. 1.1

    Release by jurajstyk

    This is a port of ID Software's Quake 1 to the PSP.
    Based on PSP Quake port by Peter Mackay and Chris Swindle.

    Developed and tested on PSP with firmware version '3.40 OE'.

    Changes in this version
    - Fixed bug that prevented changing sky texture between levels (HW rendering only)
    - Fixed z-buffer related bug when rendering sprites (HW rendering only)
    - Added options to turn on vertical synchronization and dithering (HW rendering only)
    - Reorganized options menu (Select 'more options'/'less options' to switch options list)
    - Added more options for analog stick controls
    - Added analog stick strafing (while you hold stafe button or always if allowed in options menu )
    - Configurable heap size
    - MP3 playback changed from madlib library to playback trough module in firmware
    - New command line options
    - Simple startup screen to choose game mod directory, heap size and cpu clock (use -prompt command line option)

    - Music playback trough MP3 implemented with module in firmware (can be switched on/off from options menu)
    - Software and Hardware rendering.
    - Single player game
    - Sound
    - Save/Load
    - Console commands
    - Command line params (through 'quake.cmdline' file)
    - Multiple screen resolutions in software rendering (trough command line params)
    - User made maps loading (from console or command line params)
    - User made mods loading (through command line params)
    - Demo recording and playback (from console)
    - On Screen Keyboard

    Known issues:
    - Some mods or maps might not work due to memory constrains or might not work correctly
    - timerefresh command disabled in hardware rendering (stability issue)
    - Some maps require raising 'r_maxsurfs' and 'r_maxedges' to render correctly in SW client
    (can be done from command line or console)

    See readme file for details and installation instructions

    Download available at :

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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    Analog Stick Strafing is a godsend, thanks heaps!

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    Just tested this out, and I love it...however, I can't get MP3 playback working, I freshly ripped the music tracks from my original quake 1 disk, named them 02.mp3, 03.mp3 ....ect...and put them in a subdirectory of ID1 dir called MP3, just like the readme said..and im not getting any music in the demos or when i start game....any help would be greatly appreciated, for the only reason I tried this out was for mp3 playback...i had an old quake 1 version from last year or somthing that i was using lol..

    *edit* btw i'm using the PSP_Quake1_HW_KM version, my psps firmware is 3.71 m33-4 and im using the 1.5 kernal
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    digitalvampirex: What firmware are you running?

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    ok nevermind....I feel really stupid now...i got my eboots mixed up...and i had my mp3 folder inside my ID1 this isent my night...but i got it working....and i must say, excelent work, i dont think quake on psp can get much better :thumbup:

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    For those of you looking for 'Coded Arms' controls, without the damn snap-back, your after the command line 'v_centerspeed 0'

    Oh, and has anyone been able to get Ravages of Apocalypse to work yet?
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    Thank You ! \m/

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    any shots please

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    Thanks for the update, this port is fantastic!

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