Czech developer Bohemia does have PS4 and Xbox One dev kits, but Arma 3 won't be adapted for them."We've basically dismissed it for Arma 3," project leader Joris-Jan van t' Land told me."I personally really like consoles so I would love to see it on there, but for Arma 3, from the start it was developed as PC only, and it wouldn't do it justice - there wouldn't be an easy port to console. You'd really have to redesign stuff like how the controls work, and the interface, so for Arma 3 that's out of the scope. For something that is next, it is becoming much more likely to be multiplatform."The team apparently tried to port Arma 2 to Xbox 360, but, van t' Land told me, "we couldn't get it right".For the next two years, the 50-70 person Arma 3 team will focus on, simply, Arma 3."Arma 3 we are supporting at least for the next two years," declared van t' Land. "We have the plans in place for that. Whatever is next [ie Arma 4], I don't think a lot will happen this year in terms of pre-production. But 2015 will be the year when we need to start thinking about what's next. We don't have concrete plans at the moment."I think it will be something in the franchise [the next game], but we're not sure what. And the company is growing, as you've seen - many new offices - so there are more resources as well to handle multiple [things]."Arma 3 has only just received its final piece of story content, having been launched as an early access game - a military sandbox - in the autumn last year. It's complete now, more or less, and the next update will be a mechanical one, adding an ambitious Zeus mode that furnishes the community with Dungeons & Dragons-style Dungeon Master tools.