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Thread: PSP Genesis v0.18c (Awesome Genesis Emulator for the PSP)

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    Thumbs up PSP Genesis v0.18c (Awesome Genesis Emulator for the PSP)

    Sougen has updated his awesome Genesis emulator for the PSP, heres whats new in this release:

    Just another small update:

    - Automatic support for loading old save states (untested since I don't have any old save states around)
    - Option to change the sound quality. (44100 is not recommended because it needs a lot of processing power to emulate the ym2612 chip at that frequency), but it's there if you really want it.

    Just some info on the 6-button setting. You should only turn it on for games that support it. A lot of games don't handle the 6-button controller properly (which is why there is a 'Mode' button on a real controller that you hold down when you power up the megadrive). I'll have a look at seeing if this can be autodetected.

    Just so people won't be guessing/asking later on, I am currently really busy, so there won't be much releases for a while.
    Download from our PSP Genesis page here --> or the release thread in our PSP Emulation and Homebrew forum here -->

    Thanks to Sougen for another great release.

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