DICE has released new Battlefield 4 DLC providing a range of in-game unlocks for a price.
There are various shortcut kits and bundles available, including the 'Ultimate Shortcut Bundle'. Priced at 39.99/49.99/AU$73.95/$49.99, it contains all shortcut kits at a discounted price. Other add-ons provide access to all soldier, weapon and vehicle unlocks, DLC Central reports.

  • Air Vehicle Shortcut (7.99/9.99/AU$14.45/$9.99)
  • Assault Kit Shortcut (5.49/6.99/AU$10.35/$6.99)
  • Carbines Shortcut (3.99/4.99/AU$7.35/$4.99)
  • DMR Shortcut (3.99/4.99/AU$7.35/$4.99)
  • Engineer Kit Shortcut (5.49/6.99/AU$10.35/$6.99)
  • Grenades Shortcut (3.99/4.99/AU$7.35/$4.99)
  • Ground & Sea Vehicle Shortcut (11.99/14.99/AU$21.95/$14.99)
  • Recon Kit Shortcut (5.49/6.99/AU$10.35/$6.99)
  • Shotguns Shortcut (3.99/4.99/AU$7.35/$4.99)
  • Soldier Shortcut Bundle (19.99/24.99/AU$36.95/$24.99)
  • Support Shortcut Kit (5.49/6.99/AU$1035/$6.99)
  • The Ultimate Shortcut Bundle (39.99/49.99/AU$73.95/$49.99)
  • Vehicle Shortcut Bundle (15.99/19.99/AU$29.95/$19.99)
  • Weapon Bundle Kit Shortcut (11.99/14.99/AU$21.95/$14.99)

On Tuesday, DICE released new Battlefield 4 updates for the PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game to coincide with the launch of the latest Battlefield 4 DLC pack, Naval Strike.