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Thread: PSP UAE4ALL r1 - Alternative PSP Amiga emu

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    psp PSP UAE4ALL r1 - Alternative PSP Amiga emu

    I just checked ttymans site to see if he's updated his mame emulator for psp and I see he's just released 'PSPUAE4aLLr1'?

    This has nothing to to with the PSPUAE build that FOL, Chilly Willy etc are working on but I thought I'd post it here seeing as it is news.

    Heres what the readme says:

    PSP UAE4ALL r1 by TTYman, 16/01/2008

    Install directions:

    - Copy in /PSP/GAME (user mode build) or /PSP/GAME150 (firmware 1.5 compatibility for 3.xx OE release);
    There are two different builds in archive:
    1) 1.50 Kernel mode (psp_uae4all_r1);
    2) 2.00 User mode (psp_uae4all_r1-usermode);
    Use psp_uae4all_r1 as installation base, then replace EBOOT.PBP if you have slim psp or would use user mode build;
    - Copy kickstart file named kick.rom of version 1.3 in same folder;
    - Copy desidered disks images as .adf or .adf.gz (.adz) compressed format into disks folder, for convenience;

    Specific Features:

    - Based on latest Chui痴 Dreamcast UAE4ALL and notaz痴 uae4all gp2x v0.7.2a optimized blitter routines;
    - Maximum speedup hacks using single precision math hardware support;
    - full screen hardware scaled support;
    - Fixed Overclock to 333 MHz while emulating, 222 MHz in menu;
    - Only 546KB kernel build version (1.7MB user mode build).

    Same features as Dreamcast version:

    - Frameskip between 0-1 without sound and 1-2 with sound.
    - Fast FAME Motorola 68000 C core by Fox68k.
    - Autoframeskip for real speed.
    - Mouse support.
    - Joystick support.
    - Fast sound with 8 buffers synchronized.
    - Filemanager with subdirectories access.
    - Complete menu with load, throttle, frameskip, reset options
    - Save disks changes into Virtual memory files (testing).
    - Superthrottle mode for speed up intros and loading time.
    - ADZ support (ADF floppy image gzip compressed)
    - 2 floopy drives emulated.

    How work special features:

    - SuperThrottle
    Hold right trigger first and left trigger second for automatic sound off and frameskip to 10 for speed up. This try to avoid large time for intros and loading time.

    - ADZ support
    You can compress your ADF floppy images with GZIP compression utility in order to save CD space. GZIP is free and multiplatform: Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS better use short filenames to read correctly disks numbers.

    - Save disks changes to VM
    UAE4ALL can save to VM disk sectors changed using ZIP compression. For games as Dune2, now you can save your campaigns and continue at future. A new menu option called 鉄ave Disks has added for enable or disable this feature.

    - 2 floppy drives emulted
    You can choose on filemanager a new disk for DF0 with Cross(X) button and a new disk for DF1 with Square([]) button. Also, you can eject DF1 with 薦ject DF1′ option or pressing Triangle button while in menu.

    - Throttle
    Amiga is a hard machine to emulate. So, a lot of games support drawing shortcuts and cpu timeslice ampler. These methods speed up emulation and improve playbility under PSP.

    - Autoframeskip
    Unfortunately, UAE4ALL needs frameskipping for real time emulation. Active auto-frameskip menu option for real speed.
    If you want sound, it痴 a very important thing, the sound needs to be synchronous

    - Mouse
    Some on loading game demo requires specific mouse buttons combo, so try both buttons and movements while in such menu痴 or demo.

    Specific Controls:

    - Button SELECT: Main Menu.
    - Button START: not used.
    - Button HOME: not used (exit, as normal, in user mode build).
    - Buttons L+R: Deactivate SuperThrottle mode.
    - Buttons L+R while keep pressing: Activate SuperThrottle mode (10x emulation velocity).
    - Button Cross(X): used to confirm menu options, to select 1st disk, DF0, in load menu and as 1st mouse button.
    - Button Circle(O): used as 2nd mouse button, as secondary joystick button and as go back in menus.
    - Button Square([]): used to open load disks menu while in main menu, used to select 2nd disk, DF1, in load disks menu.
    - Button Triangle(/\): used to eject DF1 and as primary joystick button.
    - Button L: in Main menu Run emulation, in load menu go top of list.
    - Button R: in Main menu Reset and Run emulation, in load menu go to bottom of list.
    - Directional Buttons: emulate mouse movements.
    - Analog stick: emulate joystick movements.

    Known Problems:

    - Keyboard emulation unimplemented.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
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    What about speed? Is as bad as PSPUAE? I like Rodland and I'm tired of playing this game using Atari-ST emulator. I hate Atari-ST, btw.

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    PSPUAE isn't 'bad', it's just not perfect. Have you tried this yet Baboon? I might give it a bash later.

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    This one is going on my psp ASAP!!! Weill definatly be a good tie in for the next PSPUAE release! :thumbup:

    Wow, thats one big eboot icon. My first gripe, the menus arent alphabetized, which is a pain for me (with about 100 various discs) but its all good since the sound is ALOT better than PSPUAE but i dont see my character on screen, restarted it tho, and hes there, and damn this thing is running nice!! Thanks alot TTYMan!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brunobelo View Post
    I like Rodland and I'm tired of playing this game using Atari-ST emulator. I hate Atari-ST, btw.
    Well I've only tried one game and that was Rodland! I haven't changed the settings just booted it up and even at this r1 stage this game plays fantastic (with great sound).

    I also just tried r-type but that crashed my machine.

    I'll report back once ive tested some more, but. a great first release from ttyman! :thumbup:

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    Hmm, i just tested R-type2 on my slim, it was running fine until a certain point where it started to lag like crazy, but yeah im playing alot of games on this to (booting up another world as we speak)

    Man ive been waiting for a new amiga emu for months!

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    fantastic! i have to try it out! hopefully it has better speed than pspuae =)

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    I use the 546kb eboot for the phat psp 3.80 m33-2 (1.5 kernel mode)

    this is the install I used for PSP PHAT.

    PSP\GAME150 \psp_uae4all_r1\disks\ (ADF game files)
    ”_________________________ “\eboot
    ”_________________________ “\kick.rom (1.3kickrom)

    this is the install I used for PSP SLIM.

    I use the 1,723kb eboot for the slim psp 3.80 m33-2 (1.5 kernel mode)
    PSP\GAME\psp_uae4all_r1\disks\ (ADF game files)
    ”_____________________ “\data
    ”_____________________ “\eboot
    ”_____________________ “\kick.rom (1.3kickrom)

    The emulator appears to load ok on both systems, ADF games appear ok in the disks

    browser, KICK.ROM is ok.
    the problem is when I select a disk image and press the psp L button to load the game,

    the screen with the two green disk activity icons appears 00 00. then it freezes and

    powers off PSP.

    I’m using .ADF disk images, do they need to be in zipped format or something? they work

    fine with PSPUAE 63BE.

    can’t think of anything else!

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    i cant get it to wor. it only says no kick.rom was found :/

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