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Thread: Getting online with PlayStation 2 - Guide and game list by Lordnikon

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    ps2 Getting online with PlayStation 2 - Guide and game list by Lordnikon

    ♦ Online Games:

    North America





    Guide wrote by Lordnikon from OnlineConsoles, big thanks to him.

    ♦ How to get the Playstation 2 online
    ♦ "DNAS" (Dynamic Network Authentication System)
    ♦ Playing Broadband Only games over Dialup
    ♦ Notes on Dialup ISP's
    ♦ Playing against users across the World
    ♦ Network Setup for Hosting Games
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    Exclamation How to get the Playstation 2 online

    You will need the following Hardware:

    * Sony Playstation 2 Console
    * Sony Playstation 2 Memory Card
    * Sony Network Adapter*
    * Standard Telephone Cable (for Dialup)
    * Standard Ethernet Cable (for Broadband)
    * Router or ICS setup (Recommended, but not required)

    * You only need to buy a network adapter if you own the original Playstation 2 model. If you own a slim-line Playstation 2, the network adapter is built into the console.

    A memory card is required to play online. The network settings are saved to a file on the memory card. Without it you will not be able to play online. The Playstation 2 needs to reference these settings before signing online.

    You can use any of the following to configure your ISP settings:

    * Start-Up Disc v1.0
    * Start-Up Disc v2.0
    * Start-Up Disc v2.5
    * Start-Up Disc v3.0
    * Start-Up Disc v3.5
    * Start-Up Disc v4.0

    Start-Up Disc v3.0 is for owners of systems with model number SCPH-50001/N or SCPH-50010/N only.
    Start-Up Disc v3.5 is for broadband use only.
    Start-Up Disc v4.0 is for broadband use only.

    Click Here for a step by step Network Wizard at which will explain the various parts of the network configuration process.

    There are many games which have a built in Network Setup tool. You must be carefull which game you are using to edit your settings, because not all Network Setup tools are the same versions. For instance Tribes Aerial Assault has a very early network setup tool which is designed to configure both Broadband and Dialup ISP information. However Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition's network setup tool is designed for Broadband only, and can corrupt the ISP config when editing one created by Tribes Aerial Assault.

    To have your PC and your Playstation 2 online at the same time, you will need to setup a home network. The best device for this is a network router. We recommend routers by LinkSys. In general use it has been learned that they are more compatible with online console gaming than other router brands. The LINKSYS BEFSR41 is the cheapest 4 port router available as of this writing.

    If you plan on hosting game sessions from your Playstation 2, it would be best to configure your Playstation 2 with a static IP address. Then, in your router's configuration menu, set the Playstation 2's IP address as "DMZ". This will open every port for the Playstation 2 to the internet allowing you to easily host and join any online game from your console. For more information on configuring DMZ settings, consult your router user manual.

    If you do not wish to purchase a router, you can setup ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). You will need a computer with 2 network cards installed. Also, you will need a specific cable connection way to connect the PlayStation 2 to the PC. You have 2 options, and which one you choose will depend on what hardware you currently have available.

    * Crossover Cable: A cross over cable is just like an Ethernet cable, however the CTS (clear to send) and RTS (ready to send) lines are crossed over. This is the cheapest solution, if you order a crossover cable online. Buying it from an electronics store often costs double.

    * Network HUB + 2 Ethernet Cables: Connect the PC to the slot on the far right (usually slot 4), while connecting the Dreamcast to one of the remaining slots. Next you will need to toggle a switch from Normal to Uplink. This is essentially the same setup as a cross over cable.

    Click Here for a step by step process on setting your PC up for Internet Connection Sharing.

    Playstation 2 Online games are primarily FREE to play in North America and PAL Regions. There are a few select RPG's that do require a subscription fee:

    Final Fantasy XI Online ($12.95/mo)
    Phantasy Star Universe ($??.??/mo)

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    Exclamation "DNAS" (Dynamic Network Authentication System)

    DNAS is a proprietary authentication system created by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. It retrieves information about a user’s hardware and software for authentication, copy protection, account blocking, system, rules, or game management and other purposes.

    Originally DNAS was touted as a system to prevent cheating in online games. However, after Socom was completly ripped apart by cheaters, it was clear that DNAS did very little to prevent cheaters in online games. DNAS really serves to prevent software piracy, and the use of modified consoles to play games online.

    Sony has the power to ban your Playstation 2's MAC address if they feel you are violating their terms of service. If you receive DNAS error message which you are unable to identify, and cannot connect to any online titles for a period of time, you can contact SCEA Consumer Services at 1-866-466-5333 or 1-800-345-7669 during the hours of 6:00am-7:00pm PST.

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    Exclamation Playing Broadband Only games over Dialup

    It is possible to play a Broadband Only PS2 game online over dialup. In order to do this you need to network your Playstation 2 through your PC via Internet Connection Sharing. Your PC should be online via it's dialup modem. The Playstation 2 should then be networked to the PC via an ethernet card, sharing the dialup connection.

    Do not surf the internet and play video games off your Playstation 2 at the same time. Terminate any applications on your PC which use bandwidth. You want to have as much bandwidth allocated to your Playstation 2 as possible.

    When playing a Broadband Only title over dialup, be smart. The game does not have "built-in" restrictions on game settings for a dialup atmosphere. The game is setup with Broadband in mind. Create games with just 2-4 other players. Playing a Broadband Only title online will not give you Broadband speeds. Remember this, and use your connection wisely to maximize the performance of your Playstation 2.

    For more information on Internet Connection Sharing, please read the section above titled "How to get a Playstation 2 online".

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    Exclamation Notes on Dialup ISP's

    The Playstation 2 is compatible with America Online's dialup service. To enjoy AOL Dial-Up for PlayStation®2, you must first activate your AOL account for PlayStation®2 for online gaming. To activate your account Call 1-866-204-4772 toll free. For more information about PlayStatoin®2 online gaming, go to AOL Keyword: PlayStation 2@AOL from your AOL account on your personal computer.

    It is possible to use a Free Dialup ISP. Some work is involved to find a working ISP. This method is not recommended to get online regularly, since many Free ISP's accounts have poor connections or get dropped after a few months. However, for many people this is their only option. You should not base the success/failure of taking your Playstation 2 online for the first time when using a Free ISP, because some ISP's restrict internet access to just websurfing. You might be doing everything correct when configuring your Playstation 2, but the Free ISP may be incompatible.

    If you have broadband internet, you could have free monthly hours that come with your DSL/Cable package. Check your Broadband ISP's website, or call the customer support line to see if you have free dialup with your broadband internet service. Earthlink offers a limited amount of free dialup hours per month, and SBC offers unlimited dialup access with their DSL service.

    The best option for dialup is to pay a monthly fee for a dialup ISP. You can find cheap ISP's that range from 5.95-9.95 a month.

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    Exclamation Playing against users across the World

    Taking your Playstation 2 Online to play against users from other regions of the world can be quite problematic. Not every PS2 Online title has support for cross-region gameplay. Many online titles have seperate master lists for each region. Because Europe uses a different television standard (PAL) some online titles are not cross region compatible, and only support a 50hz signal. Another reason might lack cross-region support, is because of cultural differences.

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    Exclamation Network Setup for Hosting Games

    If you directly connect your Playstation 2, to your broadband DSL/Cable modem, then you should have no problems hosting online game sessions. However if you use a router or firewall, and do not have the proper network ports open, other players will be unable to join your hosted game.

    By configuring your PS2 with a static IP address, and designating this same IP as the DMZ in the router config, any online game you host from the PS2 will work without problems. It is recommended that you configure every online game console you own with this same IP Address.

    Note: Before starting this tutorial have your routers model number and instruction manual available to assist you. Digital Manuals are usually available online at the router manufacturers website. For assistance with Windows FireWall, please use an internet search engine to find detailed config information.


    How to configure your Playstation 2 with a static IP address:

    If you use "Automatic" IP retrieval, your PS2's LAN IP address can change. With Automatic settings it doesn't always grab the same IP address, but instead takes any available IP that the router is willing to provide. Therefore it is best to use a Manual Network Configuration for your Playstation 2. Here we will be assigning your PS2 a static (perminant) IP address. You simply boot up the network config software on the PS2 and reference information from your PC.

    If you are on Windows XP go to:

    Start > Settings > Network Connections

    Then right click on Local Area Connection. Click on "Status". Click the support tab, and then hit details. Here you will find all of the information you need for configuring your PS2.

    When you boot up your PS2 Network Configuration software you need to choose "manual" instead of automatic.

    When you get to the appropriate screen, simply enter the subnetmask, dns servers, and gateway information from your PC. Then enter an IP address based off of the gateway IP, but one that is not in use by another machine on your network. For example if your gateway (router) IP address is, and your PC is, then you could pick for your PS2. If you have other devices using the network at the same time (ie. other PC's in your house that are online) you may want to choose a later number for the PS2 such as "". Using this IP is a precautionary measure so you are not stealing an IP that is already in use by another machine.


    Setting your PS2 as the DMZ (Router only):

    The best option for hosting games from your PS2 console is to set the PS2's IP address as the DMZ. This is the Demiliterized Zone and will open all network traffic ports to the specified IP address. This means that for any online game you host from the Playstation 2 console, the proper network ports will be accessable by other players, thus allowing them to connect your hosted game.

    Note: Do not set your PC as the DMZ. Your PC will become infected within 5 minutes or less of being open to the net. A home game console such as the Playstation 2 is not vulnurable to outside attack.


    Forwarding Port Ranges (Router or Windows Firewall):

    If for some reason you want to forward specific port ranges for your PS2, or are unable to use a DMZ feature, you can forward ports on a game by game basis.

    If you are hosting a dedicated server on your PC for Tribes Aerial Assault, Star Wars Battlefront, or Star Wars Battlefront 2, then you will need to foward the proper network ports to your PC's IP address:

    Tribes Aerial Assault: 28000-28008, and 4915x
    Note: 4915x increases 1 digit depending how many servers you are running so maybe put a range of 49150-49153.

    Star Wars Battlefront I & II - 3658, 3659 & 6500, 27900

    * ROUTER

    You need to login into your router's administration panel, and go to the port forwarding menu. Enter the port ranges for the specific online game you want to play, in association with the machines IP address you will be hosting from (PS2 or PC).


    Some users may not own a router, and instead have their Windows PC directly connected to the internet while using Windows FireWall for protection. If you use a second network card in your PC, along with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to get your PS2 online, then you will need to forward network ports in Windows Firewall.

    Unfortunatly in Windows XP Firewall you cannot set port ranges, and instead must enter individual port numbers on a TCP or UDP basis.

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